No to shelters/sign-holding, yes to residents of parks

Perhaps you’ve seen Bill Eddy’s latest campaign mailing:



Using this mailing, let’s sum up what he’s against and what he’s for.


  • sign-holding
  • homeless shelters sited in his district

We’d best not find Mr. Eddy or his supporters waving Eddy signs by intersections, or he’ll/they’ll be in violation of Mr. Eddy’s beloved “panhandling” ordinance.  And Mr. Eddy jumped on the anti-shelter bandwagon rather hastily after an angry mob of his constituents packed South High in opposition to a temporary SMOC shelter on Main Street.


  • Webster Square residents
  • Columbus Park & Hadwen Park residents

Since this a targeted mailing, it omits how much more Mr. Eddy “stands up” for the more affluent areas of the west side.  But let us assume that at some point or another he may have “stood up” for the poorer folks in the Webster Square area.  Who, exactly, are the “residents” of Hadwen Park — Squirrels?  Birds?  Bugs?  As long as it’s not members of  Occupy Worcester and/or a stray pit bull or two, they should be all set.

Here’s a peek at what he’s sending to his more affluent constituents:



He’s a bit clearer about who his constituents are in this mailing — he needs not invoke the names of  parks or vaguely remembered topography as he does for his mailing to the poor folks.  In this mailing he just trots out quotes from anyone he figures might have lots of vote-casting friends.

What’s consistent is his persistent belief that one can stand by the side of the road with a sign. 

Despite what the mailer says, “Anyone” can’t stand out with a sign — thanks in large part to Councilor Eddy and the eight other councilors who voted with him.

4 thoughts on “No to shelters/sign-holding, yes to residents of parks

  1. gayle says:

    I am in the lower (poorer side) of the 5th district and didn’t get a mailing.Gee I must of been overlooked.Of course I am not happy with the way the city put lots of money into a ball field (Beaver Brook ) and then let it get run down and deserted except for games, puts up barriers for public parking to make the parks isolated after games and continues this practice onto Knights of Columbus, Coes Pond and I am sure will continue with the rest of the inner city .Then later when funding is gone ,blame the neighborhood that has been ignored and have since moved on( like in the past). Hadwen Park was done by civic minded volunteers and I wish their sponsors would be concerned with public assess in accordance with open space guidelines instead of being on the safe side of their politics. The problem is the people (and concerned citizens ) of district 5 (and other parts of the city )not worrying about what happens to close neighbor parks as long as it doesn’t happen to their parks next door (i.e. Logan Field or. having a sports field downtown ).They don’t worry until there is a murder or 2 on the west side and demand and get a temporary(2-3days)of an infux of police patrolling a park with illegal overgrowth that they can’t even see thru or patrol ( between Beaverbook and Park Ave.that house the crime ),Instead of innercity problems being solve , people should see how the problems are spreading and being covered up temporarily .
    Worcester will not be a “Worcester Strong ” with small groups being formed and easily controlled (or ignored) on the issues effecting the whole of the inner city.The real results are that the problems persist and growing.

  2. Jessica Hawkins says:

    more police on the job means high salaries, money spent, higher taxes paid by property owners

    moving the PIP shelter to 1394 main street wouldnt have beeen such a bad idea if SMOC didn’t manage it

    Hadwen park (the area down by the basketball hoops and the road behind it) is a gay pick up spot. Last time I was there, I saw a pick up actually happen by two unknown acquaintances. I am sure the police know this.

  3. Jacqueline Norton says:

    Serving on neighborhood and city commissions I spend as much time at City Hall as Councilor Eddy addressing district 5 and city issues, but I don’t charge for my effort.

    Recently addressing all park plans and updates I ASKED WHY Newton Hill and Hadwen Park are still a mess 5 years after the ice storm. Where was Councilor. Eddy during the Newton Sq. Memorial rededication and crime watches, just to name a few. Then we address the vandalism of the increasing vacant homes, murder suicide, June St. drugraids, traffic and speeding issues, the airport, and proposed Webster Sq. Rotory. Issues like CSX, city school rehabilitation, emegency preparedness, the overdue City Sq. Project that should have been taxes to restore HUD funds usedin TIF and DIF financing. these effect everyone, and your property taxes most of all.

    Citizens should be able to get answers to all questions. I still find Gary Rosen’s unanswered concerns on the City Council agenda. Citizens of district 5 should queston each on their strategy of abolishing these concerns and what their concerns are for our district and city.

  4. gayle says:

    Nicole- I hope you have your update-viewpoint this fall being prepared.Your site has been thoughtful and shows your involvement in City issues ,whatever they may be. It is as important as voting.

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