WRA urban renewal plan

In case you’re not a Telegram [$] reader (or a compulsive City Council agenda reader), you might be interested that the WRA recently released an RFP for an urban renewal consultant.  As part of the process, there will be a citizen advisory committee.  It’s early yet — no more details than that.


3 thoughts on “WRA urban renewal plan

  1. Joe says:

    Are you applying for the job?

    • Nicole says:

      I am disinclined to because there are other people who would be much better qualified. I’ll post updates as I hear them because there are a bunch of readers who ARE better qualified.

  2. worcesterdna says:

    Thanks, Nicole. I did see this,

    I would assume that WBDC and perhaps VHB will among the contenders, but I hope others decide to bid on this as well. Concord Square and the Cecil Group helped put together the plan for the Madison corridor prior to the Theater District plan–it would be good see some folks like that take an interest again. I am very interested in the citizen advisory committee. Keep me posted if you hear anything new.


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