Hope Cemetery – capital budget

Tracy had posted a link to the proposed capital budget a few weeks back (and I still don’t see it on the main city website, so that link is your best bet).

There were two items for Hope Cemetery: $50,000 for new section development (which we desperately need), and $500,000 to begin the process of installing new water service (also needed). 

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the reason the cemetery has the big blue watering buckets is that the underground plumbing is very old and has failed in many sections of the cemetery.  At peak times (around Memorial Day, for instance), the water pump truck goes all day refilling the buckets.  (And there was a time a couple of years back when the water pump truck had a broken part that was on backorder for weeks…)

I will not be able to attend tomorrow’s cemetery commission meeting., but if you have any questions or concerns, send them along and I will ask that they be discussed.

We still have some outstanding questions about the cemetery barn; I had wanted to see some more detailed reports from the architect but our June meeting was cancelled.  So — send barn questions (if you have any) along as well.


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