Final days for Building 19 in Shrewsbury

As has been reported elsewhere, Building 19 will be closing its store in Shrewsbury.  When the decision was first announced, no dates were given, but on a recent visit, staff members mentioned that the store will close the first weekend of August.

The remaining inventory has been marked down as much as 80%, and staff have mentioned that merchandise that hasn’t sold well at other stores has been sent to Shrewsbury to get it moving.  Between the added inventory and the deep discounts, it might be worth your while to pay one last visit — and if that prospect isn’t enticement enough, you might also like to know about some incentives they’re now offering:


They have some promotional goods that date back to when the store was still called Spag’s, and even more stuff from a short-lived time when it was called Spag’s 19.

If you decide to make a purchase of any sort up to $10, you could get one of these bumper stickers:


Perfect for lovers of the Comic Sans typeface or fans of defunct websites

For purchases between $10 & $20, you could get a t-shirt:



. . . or a tote bag:


Many of the t-shirts say “Spag’s 19”, but a handful are just “Spag’s”.  They’re available in all sizes, and in either red or dark blue.  If you only wanted the shirt without making a $10 purchase, these can be bought for $2 each.

The tote bags are of very high quality, made of a heavy-duty coated fabric like that used in tarps.  The tote bags can also be bought for 59 cents each — a great deal!  They even have a little stitched-on tag that says “This bag for in store use only” and features the Spag’s logo.  Perhaps these were used before Spag’s finally invested in shopping carts?

If you spend more than $20, you can get a Spag’s (or Spag’s 19) polo shirt:


. . . or a Spag’s 19 cap:


The caps & polo shirts can also be bought by themseleves for $3 each.  The polos are available in red or dark blue, and the caps are dark blue with a red visor.

If grabbing a last-minute souvenir of Spag’s isn’t of any interest to you, stop by soon and see what other deals might be available.  And do grab a cup of their free coffee — if you don’t like it, remember that one day you’ll be old and weak as well.



One thought on “Final days for Building 19 in Shrewsbury

  1. Joe says:

    Stopped by last night, the store was closed, and it looked pretty empty inside.

    “Visit our other semi-lovely emporiums…”

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