CWW: Free Fun Fridays, Week 1

Every year, the Highland Street Foundation offers free admission at different museums and cultural venues on Fridays in the summer.

This Friday is the first Free Fun Friday, and offers admission to the following venues:

Worcester Art Museum (and WAM will also have free admission during the months of July and August!)
Tanglewood (registration info on the website)
Stone Zoo
Freedom Trail Foundation (more info about tours on the FFF website)
Heritage Museums & Gardens

Also of note:

Next Wednesday, July 3, the deCordova Museum will have free admission!

Discovery Museums in Acton are free every Friday evening in the summer.

And if you need more tips on saving on museums, please visit my page (and send me suggestions as needed).


2 thoughts on “CWW: Free Fun Fridays, Week 1

  1. Nicole B says:

    Also, this Friday Old Sturbridge Village is only $5.

  2. savvybear1981 says:

    Reblogged this on Straight From The Savvybear.

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