Food Truck Festival on Saturday

Last year, there was a food truck festival in Worcester, and there will be another one this year.  I’d posted information about it, but I don’t think I’d ever written further about it.

A friend and I went last year because I had won free tickets from  We ate from the Bon Me and Frozen Hoagies food trucks; both were really good, but we wouldn’t have shelled out money to attend.  There are great restaurants right here in Worcester, and the entertainment was somewhat limited (one three-piece band in the middle of a long line of food trucks) and the lines got quite long.

Last year, you had to pay for tickets and then each food truck took so many tickets for each item.  (This was after they’d tried to sell admission for $30, and then $15…)  Each ticket cost $1 (as I recall) and sandwiches at Bon Me were 6 or 7 tickets.
This year, you can buy a wristband that gets you discounts on the food.  You can buy the wristband for $7 online ($10 at the door), but if you buy online you need to pay another $1.38 in handling.  I am cheap, but buying online to save $1.62 doesn’t seem worth it even for a cheapo like me.

Also, the website doesn’t say what kind of discount you’ll get with the wristband.  If the reviews on Yelp (from last week’s Cambridge festival) are any indication, you won’t be getting any sort of discount with the wristband — or at least not enough to justify shelling out $10.

I’m sure the costs associated with this kind of festival (between closing off Park Ave between Highland and Elm, as was done last year, and the permits and police) are high, but asking for volunteers to work an eight-hour shift for lunch and a t-shirt at what is essentially a commercial endeavor…

3 thoughts on “Food Truck Festival on Saturday

  1. Jim avage says:

    This seems to be a pretty stupid way to find supporters of the food truck festival.

  2. savvybear1981 says:

    Reblogged this on Straight From The Savvybear.

  3. Janet says:

    Hi Nicole. We seriously appreciate your feedback. You do not have to buy a wristband to come to our food truck festivals. If you do, you save $3 on every food item ($2 on every dessert item). So it’s a good buy for anyone looking to graze and try many items. But if you want to just buy the food straight from the truck w/o a wristband, have at it! We had 8,000 people in Cambridge and 3 yelp complaints. Yet we still take them seriously. This wristband system was adopted from concerts such as bonnaroo and lollapalooza. It worked well in Cambridge despite some yelping! If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel feel to contact us at and you will get a prompt response.

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