Kennel Services for Worcester strays – of interest

In case “Leicester shelter barred from accepting dogs” wasn’t an obvious headline (in today’s T&G), the latest news is that Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources inspected Barton Brook Kennel on March 11 and BBK “was ordered to immediately stop accepting dogs for detention from Worcester and from other animal control officers.”

Also in the article:

Worcester police used Barton Brook on a limited basis in March and April, according to Kathleen A. Daly, spokeswoman for the department. For much of 2013, Worcester police primarily used the Worcester Animal Rescue League for animal shelter services.

Frequent readers may recall that we’ve talked a bit about this in the past, and that Councilor Lukes had requested a report (which I don’t think we’ve seen yet) on the status of Worcester’ kennel services contract at the April 9 City Council meeting.  According to the city’s website from a few months ago, BBK had the city’s contract for the next few years; it’s unclear how this will change.