Rt 9 Belmont Street Bridge Informational Hearing

via the MassDOT website – please share with those who might be affected:

MassDOT is inviting the public to attend an informational meeting on the design of the Route 9 Belmont Street Bridge over I-290 in Worcester.  The meeting will be held as follows:

Thursday, June 13, 7 p.m., UMass Memorial Hospital Campus, Amphitheater, Building North 1, 119 Belmont Street, Worcester.

This purpose of the meeting is to update the public on the design for the reconstruction of the Belmont Street Bridge over I-290.  The current project cost estimate is $9.7 million with construction expected to begin in spring 2014.  The proposed bridge will be the same length but 15 feet wider than the existing bridge.  The project also includes construction of a temporary pedestrian bridge to provide for safe pedestrian access over I-290.

MassDOT project staff will be available to provide an overview of the proposal and answer questions.

For more information on the Belmont St. Bridge Reconstruction Project, please visit the project website at www.mass.gov/massdot/belmontstbridge.

Residency Requirements Redux

I’m sure I could have a “residency requirements redux” post every year, because the City Council always brings it up, so expect a “residency requirements redux redux” post next year.

I don’t have a lot to mention that’s new this year, but it’s always worth remembering that the same issues that were mentioned at the May 28 meeting (see “Council rekindles residence issues”, T&G  May 29), and at every meeting where a residency requirement is discussed, occur in the municipalities where there are existing residency requirements.

That is, unless anything has changed — and I don’t believe it has —  teachers, firefighters and police are exempt from Boston’s residency requirementsDitto Springfield.  So while I appreciate the angst we periodically experience about city residency, unless there’s a different plan beyond “but Boston does it” and a willingness to talk about how much this is worth to us, in dollars (as Councilor Lukes said), we’ll just keep talking about this year after year.

But how’s that auditor search coming?