No Slots

Now that the slots parlor negotiations have reached a natural end, I’m glad to see that City Council meetings have gone back to their normal rhythm of five-minute-long Billy Beault monologues, Jo Hart talking about pedestrian issues, and City Councilors trapped in their seats for fear of a loss of quorum.

Likewise, I hope this blog can go back to its own regular business.

First order of business is to repurpose all those signs and buttons:


Because I’m all about recycling.

This summer, I hope to get back to those topics I’m passionate about — among which are the library (and the Theater District Master Plan), other redevelopment and public works projects, green burial, and curbside compost.

3 thoughts on “No Slots

  1. Murphy says:

    One hopes that curbside composting won’t be the city’s method of “green burial”.

  2. epb says:

    well is the proposed repurposing of the the Wyman Gordon area and making it back to something resembling a canal the way to go?

    I just remember the filterless “reflecting pool” that was at the city hall common for decades: dirty water, blown in trash, etc

    PS–I may be the last one to take down my “No Slots” signs because i think Rush and Co are going to try to do it again. Complacency IS the enemy.

  3. djmbytheelm says:

    not sure if you have heard the news, but I have heard that the state has shut down BBK (Barton brook kennels), not sure of the details yet? and WARL now has the contract for worcester strays. dorrie

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