Because the city doesn’t read this blog

About two years ago I reported that there were some signs on Rte. 12 that were obscured by Norway Maple saplings.  Here’s the photo I posted at the time:

Here’s what the same spot looks like today:


The “Do Not Pass” sign is even more obscured by trees, and is no longer accompanied by a Rte. 12 sign.  I decided to do some investigation, and found the missing sign on the ground next to a nearby driveway:


Was it knocked down by a car?  No, there’s no damage to the nearby Norway Maples.  A closer look provides an answer:


The maples have grown too close, and are trapping moisture against the steel posts, causing them to rust.  One has rusted through & broken, the other is close behind.

I’ll check back there in a couple of years and post some updated photos of the neglected signage.



9 thoughts on “Because the city doesn’t read this blog

  1. Amazing. I think I’ll file a petition to make the city read your blog 🙂

  2. I friended Kate Toomy on Facebook a while back. Last year I posted a pic of the trees growing over and obstructing the stop sign at the end of Saint Nicolas coming out onto Clark. The next day the tree was trimmed back and the sign was visible.

  3. Sprout says:

    Walter Bird reads this blog and that’s all that matters.


  4. Mike says:

    Could it be that MassDOT has jurisdiction on state road signs?

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for the comments. I’ve contacted MassDOT, I’ll see what they say, and then complain to DPW if DOT says it’s not their responsibility.

      • Mark says:

        However who ever received the complaint should have researched it. If they noticed it was a state issue….they should have forwarded it.

  5. Kent Bailey says:

    I believe that these are not maples, but rather the fast-growing huge invasive weed trees called Ailanthus. I’ve been trying for several years to fire some interest in an abatement/replacement program to control these invasive pests.They grow rapidly and die quickly, and the roots are so weak they are a constant danger.No one in city gov’t seems to care.

  6. Liberal says:

    It’s because Bob Moylan is retiring, public works has gone to hell because of it.

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