Nomination Papers

As readers may know, I offer my services to help ANY candidate for City Council get on the ballot.

This year, I’ve helped Bill Coleman (who will appear on the ballot in the fall), and I’m still gathering signatures for:

If you are interested in signing, please let me know!

As of this afternoon, ten at-large candidates are certified to appear on the ballot; if two more candidates submit papers by Tuesday, May 21 at 5:00pm, there will be a preliminary election in September for at-large city council seats:

Mesfin Beshir
Konnie Lukes
Joe Petty
Michael Gaffney
William Feegbeh
Kate Toomey
Rick Rushton
Mo Bergman
Mike Germain
Bill Coleman
The following school committee candidates are certified to appear on the ballot:
Donna Colorio
Tracy O’Connell Novick
John Monfredo
Jack Foley
Brian O’Connell
Douglas Arbetter
The following district city council candidates are certified to appear on the ballot:
District 1:
Tony Economou
Chris Rich
District 2:
Phil Palmieri
Jennithan Cortes
District 3:
George Russell
District 4:
Sarai Rivera
District 5:
Bill Eddy
The following candidates have pulled papers but not yet submitted enough to appear on the ballot:
Peter Kush (at-large)
Todd Williams (at-large)
George A. Fox III (at-large)
Carmen Carmona (at-large)
Miguel Cadiz (at-large)
Christopher Cherry (at-large)
Elizabeth St. John (at-large)
Joseph O’Brien (at-large and school committee)
Stephen Kerlin (at-large and District 5)
Michael Harper (District 5)
Dianna Biancheria (school committee)
Hilda Ramirez (school committee)
Robert Cohane (school committee)

One thought on “Nomination Papers

  1. Joe says:

    Gary Rosen is getting back in the ring instead of taking potshots at everyone from behind his keyboard at WoMag?
    This should be interesting.

    I liked him a lot more before he started writing the column.

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