Cemetery Barn

I’ve gotten some questions about whether Hope Cemetery had been asked to bury a certain individual.

I don’t know, but I can ask at this afternoon’s cemetery commission meeting (4pm at the Hope Cemetery offices).

A couple things to note:

For burials paid for by the state (which I don’t believe this situation will be), Hope Cemetery only accepts residents of Worcester.  (This is what is referred to as an “assisted” burial.)

Among other denizens for whom Hope is their final resting place is one Judge Webster Thayer.  Cemeteries — especially municipal cemeteries — take all kinds.

I did want to give an update on the state of the cemetery barn.

Last month, we had a short walkthrough of the barn, and the condition inside is even worse (if possible) than the outside.

I thought we were going to receive an engineering report, but we did not.  I’m hoping to see that today.  We do have an old report the Friends commissioned on the state of the barn. but I’m not sure how accurate that is anymore.

The barn is currently being used to store lawnmowers and other equipment, and we do need a safe space to store those items.

More to come, with a full report (I hope), soon.


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