Burns Bridge Updates

Via MassDOT – information about motor traffic and boat traffic :

The Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge replacement project continues to move forward in spring 2013.  Roadway construction related to the project will result in some changes for motorists on North Lake Avenue and Belmont Street (Route 9) in Worcester beginning Monday, May 6.

Reconstruction of North Lake Avenue will begin between Belmont Street (Route 9) and South Road.  The first phase of work will address the southbound lanes.   During this period all traffic will be shifted to the northbound lanes, creating two-way traffic. This phase of the project is expected to last approximately eight weeks.  During this phase, the existing U-Turn for motorists seeking to go south on Lake Avenue will be closed.  Motorists going south should proceed to the next U-Turn approximately 1,000 feet farther north.

During North Lake Avenue work, access will be maintained to UMass Medical Center, the National Guard facility and the Shaw Building.  The DCR main entrance at Regatta Point will remain open during all work. 

Work on Belmont Street between Lake Avenue and Alvarado Avenue will also move to major reconstruction.  This work will be completed with traffic shifted around the work zone as needed.  Shifts will take place during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions to traffic.  Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction.

Summertime construction will result in a change from normal conditions on Lake Quinsigamond with certain arches of the existing bridge closed to all boat traffic. A safe passage will be maintained beneath the existing bridge, and the new one as it begins to take shape.  Boaters, please note:

  • No Wake Zones have been extended for 300 feet to the north and south of the bridge. These are marked by lighted warning signs and buoys.
  • During this summer, the spans which are safe to use will not always be the same. A system of roadway traffic signals suspended over the arches of the existing bridge will mark the safe passage for boaters. A green light shows a safe passage, a red light indicates a closed arch. Often, only a single span will be available.
  • Under conditions when only a single span is available, power boats shall yield to non-motorized craft. Northbound boats will yield to those going south.
  • Tying up to or climbing on work barges is strictly prohibited. Local police will be monitoring boater compliance. Work barges are not safe for non-construction personnel.

2 thoughts on “Burns Bridge Updates

  1. Joe says:

    Closing half the lanes of North Lake Ave is going to be a nightmare around 5:00. Traffic is already often backed up past South Road, mostly with people waiting to take a left turn onto Route 9 East, but often with people heading south on Lake Ave. as well.

    Ironically, eliminating the “close” U-turn will probably make traffic a little better, as people trying to make the U-turn are waiting, either blocked by the Left-turn traffic or the fact there is no room to make it into the southbound travel lanes. (Even worse when the U-turners are allowed through by some nice soul in the Left-turn lane, but then end up blocking the lane because there is nowhere for them to go.)

    I still have serious concerns about the size of the Left-turn collector lane they will create on Route 9 West that will eliminate the need for the U-turn. (I don’t think it will be big enough to accommodate the number of people waiting to make a left turn without blocking the people who want to go straight.)
    I did bring this up at the meetings, but I don’t think they changed anything in the plans.

  2. elmparkblogger says:

    it is a boring bridge; it’s not a landmark

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