The final location of Duffy’s is now history

In case you haven’t visited the Wild West lately, the building in Cherry Valley that most recently housed the now-defunct Duffy’s Discount  has been demolished.


Many years ago, this building had housed a Goretti’s Supermarket, and then later Cheapo Depot, Cherry Valley Liquors, and several lesser-known convenience stores.  The last tenant was Duffy’s Discount, which had moved there about a decade ago from 1511 Main Street in Worcester.


Looks like a good sized lot for a hockey rink or two.  The Goretti family ought to see if the WBDC can extend its tentacles into Cherry Valley.


3 thoughts on “The final location of Duffy’s is now history

  1. Haley, Heather-Lyn says:

    No! Not hockey! This is waterfront – give us a restaurant with a deck that has an actual view!!

  2. elmparkblogger says:

    that’s what I was going to say…please no more hockey rinks

    damned good location for a restaurant…Ellers?

    • Nicole says:

      I am joking, people!

      Locally, there are so many wasted waterfront views — think the entirety of White City! — and I totally agree with you.

      I still miss Cheapo Depot, though. It made Building 19 seem like Nordstrom’s.

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