Hermitage Country Club

Just in time for Earth Day…

Colin directed me to a few articles of interest to you God’s Acre fans.  (And I know you’re out there, people!)

Did you know that there was a Hermitage Country Club founded in the early 1900s that catered to motorists?  Yeah, me neither.

But if you want to see what the Abel Swan Brown Hermitage looked like (as opposed to the Andrew Clark Hermitage), check out the bottom of this page.

This article indicates that Solomon Parsons had visited Jerusalem in 1850, which I’d never heard before.

2 thoughts on “Hermitage Country Club

  1. Mike says:

    Hmm, Happiness Pony article?

  2. elmparkblogger says:

    the Mays have some books and have talked with older neighbors who knew that stuff…i thought everyone knew that stuff…hey, N, did you Billy DeWolfe was a regular on Wwood ave? his sister lived in a 3decker just up from Teddy road..donated all his clothes to his sister after he died too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_De_Wolfe… i want to know more about the brick operation at Woodards pond across the street there

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