As reported on 508 and other news sources, Rush Gaming/MGE has named the Wyman-Gordon site as the location of its proposed slots parlor.

There are a lot of reasons I oppose the slots parlor, and I’ll write about all of those reasons in the weeks to come.

But the primary reasons are that ripping people off is never a good, sustainable economic development policy, and that if a casino were so desirable, mitigation monies wouldn’t be necessary.  No one needs to “mitigate” a biotech park or light industry.

We’re going to fight this, and we need your help.

Both WoMag and the T&G [$] report that city councilors will be meeting with casino representatives tomorrow at the Mayor’s Office in City Hall.  Some of us will be there.  If you’ve got time, we’d welcome the support.

The first public hearing on the slots proposal will be a Joint Meeting of City Council Public Safety and Economic Development committees.  It will be on Monday, April 8, at 6:30pm, at the Hibernian Cultural Center on Temple Street.  We need people to come out and bring their friends.

There’s a lot of work to be done in the coming weeks.

The City Manager has said that the “MGE team recognizes the value of our community and our goals and objectives for economic development.”

It seems to me that any company that makes its money off of gambling does not care about any community, and it doesn’t seem to me that gambling is part of OUR community’s goals and objectives for economic development — or anything else.

In the coming weeks, Rush Gaming will do everything in its power to convince the people of Worcester that gambling is merely “gaming” and that a slots parlor will revitalize a neighborhood.

Make no mistake: gambling is still gambling.  Slots are still a loser’s game.  And this will rip apart Green Island.

Rush Gaming will offer up all manner of incentives towards schools, parks, non-profits — anything that will make the voters look favorably upon their proposals.

Make no mistake: bribes are still bribes, and our community is worth more than whatever Rush has to offer.

Please let me know if you’d like to help.

Like our Facebook page.

Use the #NoSlots hashtag.

And tell your friends!

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