Library Board Meeting Liveblog

Head Librarian’s Report for the past month

Jyoti, Tara will not be here; Jim is running late; Bill and Jabian are also not in attendance, but hopefully will be coming soon.

5:14 – the board is going paperless; each board member now has an iPad.

Mike and Ming are here from technical services to give demo of paperless board meeting.   There will be a library board page, they’ll be using Dropbox for the meeting packets.

(much iPadding; I will resume when the meeting gets to a different topic)

5:26 – President’s report – legislative breakfast – unsolicited support from legislators.

New Foundation executive director (Christina Andreoli) – Wei and Susan attended the foundation meeting (?) and discussed ideas to move forward.

Staff Recognition event went well.

Associate head librarian John Weedon joining on Monday.

(Bill has joined the meeting)

Susan is going over the work of various committees (Building and Grounds, Administration, Finance, Marketing, Community Service).  I’ll wait to type until the committee reports.

5:36 – Wei – update on AMH and RFID.  The bookstore is all done, the glass is done but the front display cases are still pending.  Next step: cafe.  Circulation is still in the front of the bookstore.  She negotiated with the winning company (3M) – will be in a month.  They need to comply with the tight timeline.  Conveyor belt – Chris is painting.  The room had water damage and basement had problems for many years — even before renovations.  New capital grant project to renovate the sidewalk on Salem Square.

First Friday of every month – staff mini-training.  March 8 – second staff development day, go through staff survey.

There will be a meet-and-greet for John Weedon – TBD.  Three other staff members have joined us.

1.5 positions need to be filled.

Discussion of increased digital literacy/promotion in the library.  Forty soldiers came this past Saturday to use computers.

Bill – asks about talking with corporations (like Staples) to have computers.  (In the context of need for more computers at the library.)

Committee reports —

Administration – Judy reports that board approved John, he accepted, will be starting soon.  Elizabeth Barnes to government documents.  Looked at board self-evaluation.  Head librarian evaluation – they had not done this before Mark.  The committee will look at format and see if that’s the best format to use or whether they want to do any changes.

Consulted with law department about limiting speech – David Moore gave them some rules to go by.  They will finalize at their next committee meeting and then present to the board.

District Task Force – City Ciuncil will have presentation on draft master plan tonight.  Judy will speak.  They will make the point that they like the plan, but continue to maintain safe, affordable, convenient parking.

Discussion of the master plan, how this didn’t reflect anything of what the library said to them, etc.

Judy attended off-street parking board, sent in advance Kevin’s piece on parking.  She continued to emphasize municpally-controlled, safe, affordable, convenient parking.

At Worcester State, there’s a student who will be doing a parking lot study.

Buildings and Grounds – Phyllis – will have meeting on Friday morning at 9am.

Community Service – Dante – presented reports from urban libraries center (?) – to prep for the strategic plan.  Strategic partnerships with various community organizations.  Branch libraries.  School libraries.  Library as engine for civic engagement.  Discussion of adding hours to have community groups meet (??)

Stephen Spohn (sp?) contracted to do three community meetings and three focus group meeting. Focus group – seniors, immigrants, parents.  Community groups – artists community, Friends, others that I missed.

This meeting will also be Friday at 9am.

Finance – Deb –  Feb 12 – need new server and LCD TV – approved at $5,800.

Also had discussion of support of executive director of foundation.  Have asked Wei to speak with Leslie Fish and Bob Sorrenti to speak to finance committee at April meeting.  Met with financial advisor today.

Marketing – Bill – waiting for time when members can meet.

Discussion of marketing ideas.

Friends liaison report – looking forward to bookstore/cafe expansion.  They received a grant to pay for museum passes.  If you have any suggestions, pass them along to Dante.

Dante formally requests review of attendance records and policy – make recommendations as needed.

Linear parks and collapsing streets

There’s an item on tonight’s City Council agenda about a linear park fror North Lake Avenue. [Telegram article – $]

Because I know nothing about the East Side (sorry!), I wanted to see if a reader knew what was going on with North Lake Ave.

Three or four years ago, there was a proposal to make that part of the street one-way (Wormtown Taxi covered this – parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7), part of the streeet had collapsed, and there’s still that annoying temporary traffic signal.

There was supposed to be a $75,000 parking study to see what could be done with traffic patterns (or justify the proposal for one-way) — did that ever happen?

Has anything been decided on what to do with the street there?