Theatre District Master Plan – Final Draft

The final draft of the Theatre District Master Plan will be presented to the City Council on Tuesday night at 7pm.  From there, it will be discussed further at an Economic Development Committee meeting.

I haven’t yet read the revised plan, but I will this weekend and will write up my notes.

Previously, I’d written a summary of the master plan, and I submitted notes on the plan to the city.  I also took notes at the community meeting that was held to discuss the plan.

In other Theatre District news, the Telegram reported a couple of days [$] ago that plans for the MRT in Worcester are on hold until the MRT finds a new executive director.  They had previously planned a trial run of a show at the Hanover in March.

Gallo Video

News that the Higgins Armory will close at the end of the year has made me inconsolable.

I suspect it’s made you pretty sad, too.

But — as the Worcester Art Museum staff will likely be saying “fit ’em in there” when they move in the Higgins Armory collection — here are some old Gallo Video ads that may bring back memories:

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