Full Parking Study

I attended the Off-Street Parking Board meeting and will post my notes later on tonight.

In the meantime — Mr. Borbone was kind enough to give me a DVD with the full report. I’ve posted that, the City Manager’s memo to the City Council, and an Executive Summary to Google Docs:

City Manager’s memo to Council

Executive Summary

Full Parking System Assessment Study

Note that if you scroll down to page 64 of the study, Exhibit A lists all the special discounted parking pass programs city garages and lots are currently involved in.

Of interest:

Hanover  Theatre  –  Agreement  dating  back  to  2007  whereby  the  City  leases  to Hanover400 parking spaces within the facility for each night at major events at the Theatre  for  a  guaranteed  minimum  of  80  major events/calendar  year.  The  Theatre sets  the  parking  fee  and  retains  the  proceeds  and  pays  the  City  $400/event ($1/space),  which  escalates  to  $600/event  after  the  7th  year  of  the  Agreement.  The Agreement expires in 2017.

Massachusetts  College  of  Pharmacy  and  Allied  Health  Sciences,  9  Norwich  Street  – Agreement  dating  back  to  2009  whereby  the  City  provides  100  parking  spaces  in  the garage in the form of regular monthly parking passes for the fee of $1 a year for 30 years to  induce  the  College  to  purchase  the  building  at  9  Norwich  Street  and  open  a Worcester Campus of the College.  The Agreement was originally for parking in the Pearl-Elm Street Garage but the City moved it to Major Taylor as allowed in the Agreement, which expires in 2029.




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