332 Main Street Demolition Delay Waiver Denied

The Historical Commission met tonight.  I wasn’t there, but through the miracle of the internet, the video has already been posted.

In short: the demolition of 332 Main Street was denied a waiver, which means there’s a year before the Krocks can demolish the building.

For what it’s worth, the Historical Commission felt their questions about the cost of the demolition and the economic hardship experienced were not answered.

Also, their lawyer said that there is asbestos in the building but that it would be removed appropriately.  Considering how safely asbestos was removed at both Flagg’s Building and 240 Main Street, let’s hope they can find a buyer or find the money for renovations (and a contractor who hasn’t been convicted on environmental safety charges).

Full Parking Study

I attended the Off-Street Parking Board meeting and will post my notes later on tonight.

In the meantime — Mr. Borbone was kind enough to give me a DVD with the full report. I’ve posted that, the City Manager’s memo to the City Council, and an Executive Summary to Google Docs:

City Manager’s memo to Council

Executive Summary

Full Parking System Assessment Study

Note that if you scroll down to page 64 of the study, Exhibit A lists all the special discounted parking pass programs city garages and lots are currently involved in.

Of interest:

Hanover  Theatre  –  Agreement  dating  back  to  2007  whereby  the  City  leases  to Hanover400 parking spaces within the facility for each night at major events at the Theatre  for  a  guaranteed  minimum  of  80  major events/calendar  year.  The  Theatre sets  the  parking  fee  and  retains  the  proceeds  and  pays  the  City  $400/event ($1/space),  which  escalates  to  $600/event  after  the  7th  year  of  the  Agreement.  The Agreement expires in 2017.

Massachusetts  College  of  Pharmacy  and  Allied  Health  Sciences,  9  Norwich  Street  – Agreement  dating  back  to  2009  whereby  the  City  provides  100  parking  spaces  in  the garage in the form of regular monthly parking passes for the fee of $1 a year for 30 years to  induce  the  College  to  purchase  the  building  at  9  Norwich  Street  and  open  a Worcester Campus of the College.  The Agreement was originally for parking in the Pearl-Elm Street Garage but the City moved it to Major Taylor as allowed in the Agreement, which expires in 2029.