(Pan)handle with care

As Mike previously noted, the city is beginning an education campaign to both signholders (panhandlers) and now — from the looks of DPW’s Facebook page — residents:

A few notes:

From my reading of the ordinance — and I am NOT a lawyer — it seemed that panhandling in the road was not allowed, but there was no discussion of panhandling AT a roadway. The handouts both seem to indicate that panhandling AT a roadway is now not allowed.

From the wording of the DPW handout, it seems that a resident might think that “offering money” at an intersection, median, or rotary is prohibited.  It is not.

The DPW handout instructs residents to call the police — not the panhandling outreach program.

And — of course — the handout reiterates that we’re not restricting people’s rights to free speech, and that it doesn’t target one group or one activity.

I’m not sure how this is different from the billboard solution, and I’m not sure why we think signholders will trust the outreach worker when the public is being told to call the cops when they see someone asking for help.

2 thoughts on “(Pan)handle with care

  1. Joe says:

    Saw a gentleman on the Belmont Street/Route 9 median just south of plantation street today. He’s on crutches and has only one leg. Previously I had seen him in Lincoln Square on the Highland Street median just north of Lincoln Street/Major Taylor Blvd.

    I guess that is too close to the Police station.

  2. […] tells you to stop. But the city has been handing out flyers claiming that the soliciting is always a violation. It may be a long time before we find out what’s really […]

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