2 thoughts on “Worcester Pride

  1. elmparkblogger says:

    Gee, now you got me thinking stuff like: who drew that? who are those people? what was the “corps”? where are they now? any bloggers among them?

    • Nicole says:

      This was something from waaaay back in 1989, where the Downtown Development Division hired four people (for a six-month contract) from Prospect House between 10am and 2pm to pick up trash on the street downtown. The crew wore red coveralls that had the words “Worcester Pride” on the back.

      Downtown Development was a division of the … WBDC! And Prospect House has been mentioned in the news lately; it was a minority-led social services agency founded in the early 70s that folded in the early 90s (and of which the Henry Lee Willis Center was the successor). [Abbie Hoffman was one of the founders of Prospect House. We’ll have to hold on a Southwickian discussion of Prospect House for another day.]

      From an article (“A clean sweep for downtown; Ceremony will kick off “Worcester Pride’ cleanup campaign”; 13 April 1989, T&G):
      “The Downtown Development Division, established in January 1988 with a $325,000 budget, is funded by donations from the city and local businesses.”

      The Downtown Development Division became Target Worcester a year or two later…

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