Submitting Comments for the Theatre District Master Plan

If you have not already done so, you should send your emailed, written, or verbal comments about the Theatre District Master Plan to the city within the next TWO WEEKS.

The comments should be directed to:

Jackson Restrepo, 508-799-1400 x 262,

The next forum for public comment on the plan is when it is sent to City Council (and presumably the plan will have some of the comments received incorporated into it).

The plan will be presented to the City Council, will likely be referred to the Economic Development Subcommittee for fuller public comment, and then back to Council for a vote.


2 thoughts on “Submitting Comments for the Theatre District Master Plan

  1. JoeCitizen says:

    It’s all for naught if one should still expect to get mugged or assaulted on the walk back to their car after a late show at the Hanover.

    • Nicole says:

      So — walk me through that.

      I don’t often go to the Hanover Theatre, but Mike B. and I went to an opera once, and parked at the McGrath Lot. We walked up Myrtle Street, and there were other folks walking at the same time and I don’t think we felt in danger.

      I’m not sure what the issue would be walking from the Hanover to the Federal Street garage, where the majority of patrons seem to park, because there are a lot of people there at the same time.

      What are the concerns about mugging/assault?

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