I really didn’t want to talk about hockey

There’s also an article in yesterday’s Telegram (“New ideas voiced for parking lot next to the library”, $) about the forum the Worcester Public Library board held to solicit ideas for developing the McGrath Parking Lot.  I’d been planning on linking to that article, and I was going to disagree with this sentence: “WBDC and city officials have said the use is not finalized, but the master plan includes a proposal for twin ice rinks to be built on the lot.”

It’s a good thing I waited to write.

There was an article in today’s Worcester Magazine about the continued push by certain colleges (among them, Assumption and Worcester State) and a certain non-profit “partner” of the city (the WBDC) to build a hockey arena complex in the McGrath Parking Lot.

I am mentioned in the article, but I wasn’t interviewed or quoted.  And — frankly — I’d rather not have to keep talking about it.

I could go on and on about how bad this proposal is.  But you’ve already heard that.

There’s going to be a forum next Wednesday at 5:30pm at the Hanover Theatre about the master plan for the district.  I had a lot of questions and concerns about the plan — none of which had to do with hockey — and I’d been planning on sharing them on this blog and mentioning them at the meeting.

Now my concern is that the meeting will be derailed by the (utterly valid) concerns about the hockey complex, and that we will spend so much time on that topic that we won’t hear about any other part of the master plan.

The public needs to know about the master plan.

The city and the WBDC need the public’s feedback on that plan.

I don’t see that happening in two hours with an audience of people who have some serious questions:  Is a hockey arena an essential part of the plan?  How does hockey fit in with the programming that makes up the whole plan?

I’m working on a longer post about the master plan, and I hope to have that up in the next couple of days.

In the meantime — whatever you feel about the hockey proposal — until there are some answers, details about what is required, and an honest examination of how that fits in with the district as a whole, I don’t know how successful any discussion of the master plan as a whole can be.