Head Librarian’s Report – December

Head Librarian’s Report – December

Some plan that came with it — I think this might be for the first floor?

I didn’t attend tonight’s meeting because I had another meeting to attend.


2 thoughts on “Head Librarian’s Report – December

  1. Joe says:

    The plan looks to me like it is the current “Friends of the Library” bookstore. (you can see the two sets of sliding doors at the top left of the plan.
    Some kind of automated sorting system?

    Looks like a poor location for that to me- there is no direct connection to the current sorting space because of the Banx (or is that Saxe?) room.

    • Nicole says:

      Joe —

      I think you’re right.

      These discussions periodically come to the general board, and there are some meetings (that usually happen during the day) about the library first floor reconfiguration that I have not been able to attend.

      Here’s my understanding of what’s going to happen; if someone has a better understanding please correct me:
      The automated materials handling system is going to go in where the Friends bookstore is now. I believe that they will make some of it windowed in so that you can see the machines working.

      The Literacy Volunteers will move to the first floor near the Talking Books library. The teens will occupy roughly the same space.

      The Friends bookstore will move to the area near Talking Books (where the videos and music are now). I would have preferred this have been on Salem Street (and thus a bit more visible) but I am not in charge. They will have a seating area for the cafe, and I believe they will be selling sandwiches from Eric’s La Patisserie.

      The video/audio stuff will go where circulation is now (I think) and circulation will not need as much space.

      I don’t think all of that is right, so I’d like to see if others remember something different.

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