Library Board Liveblog – 12/11

The new staffpeople are at the meeting tonight.  Board members are welcoming them.  (I just got here from the cemetery.)

5:32 – and now we’re on to the regular portion of the meeting.  Approving minutes from the last meeting.

Custodian Bob Fanion has lung cancer.  Keep him in your prayers.

A few changes to the website to acknowledge Wei as head librarian.

Executive Committee – progress of AMH

Kevin wrote an As I See It that will appear in tomorrow’s T&G.

Kevin discusses the event at the Hanover a couple Wednesdays ago and that Councilor Lukes was able to mention library issues.

Discussion of accessibility – concerning HP spaces out front.  They are assured from Joe Borbone at Worcester DPW that it will be done by the end of the month.

Discussion of candidates for the library board (last Tuesday’s Council meeting allowed to speak; next Tuesday is the vote of the Council).

Now we are on to nomination of officers of the library board.

5:38 – nominations for President of the Board: Sue Gately, Bill Coleman

nominations for Vice President: Judy Finkel, Jim Kersten

nominations for Secretary: Jyoti Datta

nominations for Treasurer: Deb Packard, Phyllis Harrington

Statements by nominees can be prepared and submitted to Wei by December 31, vote at next meeting

Kevin requests that they suspend the rules that Susan continues office as vice-president until organizational meeting of January 8.  Approved.

5:43 – Wei – Head Librarian’s report

Circulation – enthusiastic about having new machines (automated materials handling) in place.  Phase 2 is in place, Phase 3 – should see bids soon (?)

Targeting the system to be installed by the end of January.  The winning bid is 3M.  Original bid proposal was to put it in the bookstore.  With input from Joel, there’s a new drawing that would allow patrons to come in and have an internal [to the library] access.  They can see the items being returned.

5:49 – looking at pictures of the new bookstore/cafe area.

MBLC contacted Wei to talk about Talking Book Library budget exercise for FY13 and FY14.  There will be a mid-year cut in FY13 and a bigger cut in FY14.

She will be working with Jim on the impact statement.

At the legislative breakfast, they will advocate for the Talking Books library and library funding in general.

Paula is the new branch services coordinator.  Brief discussion of Main South services.

Work will start very soon on the transition of the circulation area.

By this Friday, you will still see the Circulation desk, but most other stuff will be moving.

Discussion of what is done with books that are discarded – they go to the Friends unless they are in really bad condition.

Communications specialist coming on December 17.

For the reference department, lots of new programs in place: computer classes, etc.  Petting Zoo has been moved to Wednesday.

Youth Services – they worked with the city to have a skater read to the kids next Thursday and the week after.

Kevin asks if the trees in front of the library could be decorated as many of the city trees are.  Question of electricity.

End of head librarian’s report.

6:00 – report of committee on administration – set Wei’s salary to 107,000 with 1% COLA (which everyone would get) effective January 2013.  One year with a one year extension (sorry, missed that).

discussed hire of Graduate IV librarian (I am not putting in a name here)

6:03 – going back to the head librarian’s report – request early closing on December 24 and 31 for FPBL (5:30pm).

6:07 – report of the Finance Committee – decided to reimburse according to grades – 75% for an A, 50% for a B, 25% for a C.  This is for new applicants; for those already in, they will be grandfathered in.  A graduate must stay at the library for two years after graduation or reimburse the library for the education.

Sorry — momentarily distracted.  Will resume momentarily.

Talking about strategic plan and increasing circulation and patron visits.

Task Force (report from November 14 meeting) – you guys have read the liveblog, you may not need more of this.

Jim talks about the WBDC’s potential to have a lock on downtown parking.

Library District Task Force will meet once again before the end of the year.

6:39 – Report from the Friends – Arthur Weinberg is back.  Discussion of relocation of the bookstore.  They presented their revenues and expenditures.  At end of August – revenue – $32,585; expenses – $27k–ish.

Foundation advertising for new executive director.  They want to be asking for more kinds of funding from a wider variety of sources.  They want ideas from the library for what would work for the Foundation.  Asked a sign company to see if they could give an idea of the presence of the library building.

Sue is presenting — she’s showing some ideas.

And we’re coming to an end of the meeting!