Worcester Common Skating Outlet pricing pirouette

When we last left the Worcester Common Skating Outlet, children under 10 could skate free.

If you’ve checked the website recently, you’d find that in addition to the skating rink being open Wednesdays and Thursdays for lunchtime skating, plenty of learn-to-skate classes (with helmets required) offered, and even a skate sale this Sunday, the skating rink will now only be free to those aged 6 and under.

This might not seem like a big deal to you (except, I suppose, if you’re between the ages of 7 and 9), but …

I have no problem paying a small fee to ice skate, but when my tax dollars and yours have already been used to construct a rink, and private donors have paid a lot of money to operate that rink, I fail to see why we need to have advertisements on public land, and why children should have to pay to use that public land.

There are seven announcements on the main City of Worcester website.

Four are about the ice skating rink on the Common.

None are about the Open Space and Recreation Planning Hearings.

Because it’s a lot more important to know about when you can buy used ice skates than mapping out the priorities for open space for the next seven years.

I once again will defer to the film El General:

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