Central Building – 332 Main Street

Today’s Telegram [“Central Building owners seek waiver to tear down landmark”, $] reports that the Krocks once again are applying for a demolition delay waiver for the Central Building at 332 Main Street.  (This is the building immediately to the right of the Commerce Building; there’s a picture of it in this article – it’s the second picture from the bottom.)

Worcesterites may recall that they had previously requested to demolish the building last September [“Property problems: Demolition threat highlights neglect”, T&G, 25 September 2011].  That article stated that “City construction permit records show the Krock family has spent $23,000 in the last 10 years maintaining the building.”

That application for a demolition delay was subsequently withdrawn.

I’ll try to write a longer post of the history of the Krockification of downtown, but let me leave you with these two thoughts:

1) The article states that “Ms. Krock said at the time there was the possibility of securing tenancy from Quinsigamond Community College.”  Is there any property owner who is not trying to get QCC to be their tenant?

2) Is this an attempt to make sure that Worcester has TWO dubious architectural distinctions: “Brutalist Capital of the World” and “Main Street With The Most Surface Parking Lots”?