Burns Bridge Project Update

via MassDOT:

On or about November 5th, 2012, the project site will begin to take on a significantly different appearance with the positioning of the 300 ton crane which will assist in the construction of the bridge starting with the installation of the permanent foundation piles of the new eastbound bridge. The crane is already on a barge at the design/build contractor’s staging site just south of the bridge and will be floated into position at the new bridge site soon. With the crane in position, installation of the piles will begin during the week of the 5th. Please be aware that this operation will generate loud, percussive sounds from the steel piles being driven deep below the lake bed. This pile driving will only occur during daytime hours.

Also of interest is an exciting new feature that has been recently added to the project website. Now you can view the day to day progress of the project by visiting the Bird’s Eye View Camera. This web-cam provides a still image of the job site refreshed every 15 minutes. Viewers can pan, tilt, and zoom the view to look at different parts of the project. Accessing the camera requires that users have a relatively up-to-date version of Java running with their internet browsing program. Users without Java or a slower internet connection can still view high quality pictures of the project progress.


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