Worcester Trivia, Day One

A few weeks ago, I plunked down a couple of bucks in a local thrift store for this box of Worcester Trivia cards:

As far as I can tell, the Worcester Trivia game was published by the Worcester Historical Museum around 1987; it was sponsored by Guaranty Bank.

The box is small, and roughly the size you’d expect of an expansion set for Trivial Pursuit.  There are 200 cards (plus a number of blank cards for those who want to include their own questions) with six questions on each card.

Indeed, the questions are in six colored categories (like Trivial Pursuit), so you could probably play the game with a Trivial Pursuit board and game pieces.

The city website includes some questions that were likely from the Worcester Trivia game.

But I thought you might like to see them all.

So, in the coming months, I hope you’ll enjoy these questions.

I’ll post the front of the card; if you click on the image, it’ll bring you to the answers.

If you have a preference for different formatting (typing questions out in addition to the image, putting in the answers after a break), let me know.

One thought on “Worcester Trivia, Day One

  1. jmstewart says:

    In the spring of 1892, Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, and his cousin, Modest Stein, opened an ice cream shop in Worcester, Massachusetts. “It was spring and not yet warm,” Goldman later wrote, “but the coffee I brewed, our sandwiches, and dainty dishes were beginning to be appreciated. Within a short time we were able to invest in a soda-water fountain and some lovely coloured dishes.” The entrepreneurs “were dangerously close to economic success,” wrote historian Richard Drinnon, “when news reached Worcester of the lockout of workers at Homestead, Pennsylvania,” home of the Carnegie Steel Company and its chairman, Henry Clay Frick

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