Library District Task Force meeting – this Friday at 8am

The Library District Task Force will have their next meeting — which will include the WBDC — at 8am this Friday, October 26 in the third floor ellipse (where the periodicals/biographies are).

As frequent readers of this blog might have noticed, the previous two meetings have occured at 4pm, and the upcoming meeting will happen at 8am.

I’m not sure if there’s an intentional effort to keep the public completely out of these discussions, or whether that’s just a convenient by-product of the meeting schedule.

We’ve had a private entity making proposals on public land, and the meetings that have been conducted have not been well-publicized and — even if they had been — have not been at times conducive to public discussion.

If you find the scheduling of these meetings to be as unacceptable as I do, I suggest that you contact the Library District task force.  (And if you can come, please do!)

Members of the task force:

Other folks you might like to copy on an email:

  • Kevin Dowd, chair of the library board (he does not serve on the task force)
  • Wei Jeng-Chu, acting head librarian

I have heard that there might be a public input session on Monday at 7PM at the library.  The WBDC would not be at that session.

(You’ll note that the Friday meeting — and, if it happens, the Monday meeting — would happen outside of library hours.  I have no idea which door to enter in these cases.  Also note that opening the library off-hours would require a minimum 4 hours overtime be paid to any staff member who has to come and open early or stay later.)