Election reminders

There will be an Election Commission meeting tonight.  The agenda:

Old Business:
1. Follow up from the City Solicitor as to whether or not the Board can promulgate new rules and requirements for observers.
2. Follow up from Secretary of State regarding the protection of voters’ private information.
3. Status of mailer to inactive voters.
4. Update concerning the identification of and hiring of a Deputy Commissioners.
5. Update concerning the training schedule for poll workers.
6. Update concerning the production of flow chart documents in large format for display at polling locations.

I will not be able to attend, but if someone else is going, I’m willing to post your meeting notes.

If you are an inactive voter (and you can find that out by searching the Where Do I Vote link on the city’s website), and you do not want to have to fill out a voter certificate and show proof of residency at the general election in November, please fill out the Voter Certificate and get it back to the elections office by Wednesday, October 17.

If you or someone you know has a mental disability, I’d like to refer you to a voter guide the Bazelon Center and the National Disability Rights Network have created.

The guide lists the rights of voters with mental disabilities by state.

In Massachusetts, the Constitution states that “Every citizen…excepting persons under guardianship… shall have a right to vote in such election.”  They also note that there’s a “Sec of State opinion interpreting above provision to require a specific finding of incompetence to vote before disenfranchising someone.”

Furthermore, “No person shall be deprived of the right to vote solely on the basis of admission or commitment to a mental health facility. 104 CODE MASS. REG. 27.13; Boyd v. Board of Registrars of Voters, 334 N.E.2d 629 (Mass. 1975).”