CWW: Sheep to Shawl, Llama to Pajama

Back for another year…Sheep to Shawl, Llama to Pajama will be at Green Hill Park this Saturday, October 6, from noon-4pm.

The mission of Sheep to Shawl, Llama to Pajama is:

1. To raise awareness of the relationship between animal fiber and clothing – especially of the fact that using animal fiber does not harm the animal, and also of all the ageless human activities based on this relationship.
2. To bring people together who are often separated in our culture: people with and without disabilities; children, college students, and seniors; inner-city and suburban families, etc.
3. To remind people of the richness, depth, and naturalness of animal-human relationships, and how we can preserve them.

This FREE Worcester MA event seeks to give both children and adults of all ages (with a focus on families) hands-on experience with the elemental activities that transform the hair (or wool) of animals into clothing or household items.

Thank you VERY MUCH to the Greater Worcester Community Foundation for grantmaking support of our project.