Burns Bridge Travel Advisory

via MassDOT:






Worcester, MA – As of the week of September 24th, 2012 the south (eastbound) sidewalk of the Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge has been fully removed. This removal will allow installation of new Verizon communication conduits on the south side of the bridge. With the end of sidewalk demolition, nightly lane closures have ceased, but there will continue to be periodic lane closures of the eastbound lanes for utility relocation work. As always, MassDOT recommends that drivers plan ahead and allow extra time for trips through the work zone, especially when traveling at night. Drivers are reminded to reduce speed and exercise additional caution when traversing the site. Any lane closures will be configured to allow passage of emergency vehicles if needed.

Additionally, lake users are reminded that the “No Wake” zone around the bridge has been expanded to 300 feet on either side of the bridge. This is for the safety of all boaters as well as construction personnel working from boats and barges at the site. Warning buoys and signs have been set in the water to identify the limits of the “No Wake” zone. Ongoing construction operations will require the blockage of different arches under the bridge at various times during the project. The closed passages may vary from week to week, but as has been stated publicly and on the project website, there will always be a minimum 50-foot horizontal clear channel under the bridge for boating and rowing throughout construction.

Boaters approaching the bridge can identify the arches that are open or closed on a specific day by looking at the red/green traffic signals, which have been installed over each of the spans. Boaters are prohibited from passing under spans lit red while open spans will be lit green. This system is further explained in a Notification to Boaters which can be seen at the Documents website. English/Spanish signs have been installed at public boat ramps explaining this situation as well.

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