Inactive Voters, again

There was an article on today about inactive voters in Worcester.

Reminder: you can check the city’s website to see if you are an inactive voter.  If the Voter Status field, and you did not vote in the primary election (showing proof of residence/signing an affirmation of your residence) you will need to bring proof of residence to the November election.

A reader pointed out that Craig Manseau (former Worcester election official) of Newton is handling the large number of inactive voters there by sending out another mailing:

In an effort to reduce the number of inactive voters on Nov. 4, Manseau is sending out a mailing marked “Voter Notice Requiring Immediate Response” to all residents who failed to turn in a census form, hoping to mitigate any issues at the polls. All residents need to do is check a box and return the postage-paid postcard.

“I am obviously concerned about the long lines. It will be an incredible turnout — I think it might be the highest ever,” Manseau said. “We are hoping to be as proactive as possible in reaching the inactive voters. Hopefully, voters will respond to the next mailing, but there will be some who don’t.”