Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person with a memory and a search engine

I’ve been trying to absorb Monday’s Election Commission meeting and Tuesday’s City Council meeting, and I thought I’d share a few items that have been on my mind.

Words like fascism and racism were used quite a bit both nights, which prompted Councilor Lukes to note that the words “fascist and racist” were “used a little too casually.”

Perhaps she forgets how easy it was to accuse Councilor Russell of sexism just a few months ago:

The way Lukes sees it Russell made his comments because Schaefer is a woman.

His comment, Lukes said, “was meant to produce a chilling atmosphere to prevent any more [of] her conversation.” Information on the Research Bureau, Lukes said, is readily available and “everyone knows who Roberta Schaefer is.” She said the question would not have been asked if the CEO were a man.

It was disappointing — but not surprising — to see that no major news outlet noted the biases of the five poll workers who spoke at Monday night’s Election Commission meeting.

Each of the people said they saw no problems, or else that the problems were because the city clerk is intimidating, or that the progressive activists were mean.

Each of those people also has Tea Party/Activate Worcester ties.

Paul Franco is the Treasurer of Activate Worcester.

Sharon Williamson has been reimbursed for expenses by Activate Worcester and is the wife of Clayton “Sandy” Williamson, one of the group’s leaders.

Tina Hood has contributed money to Activate Worcester.

Donna Winant said she respects Activate Worcester and doesn’t know why every voter isn’t required to show identification.

Jim Savage has attended at least one Activate Worcester meeting.

It is unclear to me why no one has noted that the clear biases of those who called the city clerk to task for defending people’s rights to vote.  But perhaps that reflects the biases of at least one newspaper.

Speaking of Activate Worcester, I must confess an addiction to their WCCA show.

In the show’s inaugural episode, Bonnie Johnson declares that Worcester Public Schools have over 1,000 non-union administrators, or one administrator for every 24 students.

Obviously, she was talking about Bizarro WPS, because in the real WPS, there are only 110 administrators.

Oh, well.  It’s not as if she was the campaign manager for a school committee candidate or anything!

More to come.

In the meantime, please consider registering to be a poll worker.