Inactive Voters

A Twitter acquaintance noted that she needed to show proof of residence and sign a statement affirming her address before voting in Thursday’s primary election.  She was likely on the inactive voter list.

You can check to see whether you’re on the inactive voter list in Worcester here; it will indicate if you are an inactive voter.  (Wootown Woman also describes this in greater detail.)

Being an inactive voter is NOT the same as not being un-registered; it just means that you need to provide proof of residence the next time you vote.

This is a memo that describes the process of becoming an inactive voter, and what the process is for removing someone from the voter rolls.

One becomes an inactive voter by not responding to the annual street listing (“city census”) by June.  Those voters are sent a follow-up postcard notifying them that they are now inactive.

I’m listed as an inactive voter, but it’s unclear why.  I never completed this year’s street listing, but I also never got a follow-up letter informing me that I would be marked inactive.

I’m interested to see whether others were marked as inactive who either (1) responded to this year’s street listing or (2) never received a notice that they were going to become inactive voters.

Please leave a comment if you’re in one of these situations; I’d like to follow up with the election commission to see why I never received a notice that I was put on the inactive list.