Activate Boylston

Clive McFarlane writes a column about voter intimidation, and suddenly Activate Worcester’s website is unavailable.  Coincidence?

I’ve previously expressed my feelings about the tea party’s “activism” in Worcester.  It’s nice that they prompted the Election Commission to better train poll workers.

The better to fight people who would intimidate voters.

On an episode of the Activate Worcester program, Bonnie Johnson said, “Clean elections means you show your ID to vote.”

And she’s obviously willing to do whatever it takes to enforce her idea of clean elections, law be damned.

The Board of Election Commissioners is meeting on Monday, September 10 at 5:30 in Esther Howland Chamber of City Hall.

I highly recommend attending.

3 thoughts on “Activate Boylston

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  2. Tracy says:

    I can’t understand how it was that observers were allowed to talk to voters at all. Observers may talk to the warden or to the clerk; they may not talk to voters.

  3. Also, if you want to come upstairs to the 4th floor afterward and mention it to us at the Human Rights Commission during the Public Comment period, I would be happy to hear

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