Stop Making Sense

The City Council has already approved a plan where a wife’s car could be confiscated if her husband uses it to solicit a prostitute.  They’ve requested red light cameras that would target the owner of a car, not the driver.

So it should come as no surprise that the Telegram is reporting that City Councilor Mike Germain is (once again) proposing that the police fine landlords when their tenants have an out-of-control house party.

“It makes perfect sense, I don’t care what anybody says,” says Germain.

If this is what sense looks like, then I respectfully request that Councilor Germain stop making sense.

Germain says that a similar ordinance is in effect in Narragansett, where he owns a house that he rents to URI students.  “Since the ordinance went into effect, however, he said he has had no problems because he makes it clear that his tenants or their parents will be responsible for any fine he is assessed under the ordinance.”

Why does it make sense to create another nuisance ordinance that college students can ignore?  Why make the landlord the middleman of fines when we could just fine the people who are actually responsible under existing ordinances?

I can’t decide whether Mike Germain’s primary goal is to draft another ordinance that will get the city sued, or whether the goal is to draft another ordinance that will backfire and then be found illegal by a court in three years’ time.

I have let myself be distracted by Councilor Germain’s boyish good looks, cherubic figure, and tendency to agree with me 30% of the time.

I can be distracted no longer.

I am tired that our elected officials continually propose ideas that will not work and — more importantly — either do not target the responsible individuals or lump the bad and the good into one category.

We deserve thoughtful laws that address problems (and those who cause them).  We should not be drafting nonsensical laws that do not punish those at fault when we already ignore existing ordinances that would address those problems.

3 thoughts on “Stop Making Sense

  1. I usualy say when councillors regurgitate old proposals over johns and college students (i.e. the usual suspects) that they have run out of ideas or are looking to score a few easy voting points prior to November (not unlike Romeny’s recent trip to Israel and Poland BTW).

    Ifif Mike Germain wants to jump in to City Council sessions as the top dog in the town vs gown fight now that Barbara Haller is no longer there, it won’t be long before he’s standing on the corner of Caro street or on Highand St in a yellow vest and a beehive hairdo waving his fist like she did.

    Why can’t the City Council start seeing the college crowd for the great asset that it is? They spend money, they pour money into jobs, they bring prestige to Worcester. They bring in energy and ideas, Mike.

    It’s time to get a new attitude down at city hall. Too often the prevailing attitude is honor the panhandlers on the street corners and then demonize the young adult students who actually CHOOSE to spend a significant portion of their life in our humble metropolis. Where’s the “thank you” to them?

    It’s time to recognize that IF worcester wants to be continue to grow we have to accept the noise and the chaos that accompanies growth. We want it in our downtown.

    A more realistic policy and attitude would be to work with the colleges and urban designers to bring that youthful energy and develop it –somehow–and revitalize the heart of the commonwealth, downtown Worcester.

    • BowenHardcase says:

      You could shut down every college in the city and Worcester businesses wouldn’t even notice. If these animals actually contributed anything to this city other than noise, litter, and vandalism, then you’d see shops and restaurants that are open only in the winter when they’re around, similar to a Cape Cod Summer or a White Mountains area Fall.

      Anyone who thinks otherwise lives on some quiet cul de sac and has never had the pleasure of having their windshield wipers ripped off their car and thrown through their front window at 3am or had all their regular business clientele run off by hooligans screaming YOLO and tipping over tables in your restaurant or knocking down displays in your grocery store.

      Unless you’re a bar owner or otherwise somehow profit from the chaos they create, there is no good reason to want these monsters in the city.

  2. Billy says:

    Really–two more stupid ideas that will do zero to stop the problem. Just like the ban on CVS, Walgreens and independent pharmacies selling cigarettes. All it will do is cost revenue to them and push the small indy pharmacies to close more quickly.

    Maybe they can stop passing laws that they think will be able to be enforced and go back to passing proclamations about Arizona again. At least they were doing no harm.

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