So out of touch it’s beyond belief

As Jeremy reports, An Act Further Regulating Animal Control means that Worcester’s ludicrous pit bull ordinance will likely be no more in the very near future.

A couple of Fridays ago, I was at Elm Park with my young son.  We were sitting close to the playground area.  A man came by with his small dog.  He proceeded to let his dog off-leash, and sicced his dog on any squirrel in a thirty-foot radius.

The dog was running loose all over a play area for children, teeth bared, and didn’t come back to his owner on the first, second, or third call.

Later on that same day, we were walking to the Common.  On the sidewalk, a man had a muzzled pit bull on a leash.  The dog had a big grin on his face — despite the muzzle — and seemed well-socialized.

I was extremely concerned about the first dog — all 10 pounds of him — and not at all concerned with the much-larger pit bull.

Because dog behavior is largely about the owners.

So, no, Councilor Eddy, it is not the MSPCA who “has been so out of touch on this it’s beyond belief.”

It’s the vast majority of last term’s City Council, who voted for a deeply flawed ordinance.

Hot on the heels of the likely demise of the pit bull ordinance is news that the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District has to implement the stricter discharge limits they’ve been fighting the EPA on for years.

This means that ratepayers will likely have to pay a bit more on their water bills, and that frequent listeners to City Council meetings will hear more of the phrase “biased science” than usual.

Not to sound too superstitious, but don’t these sorts of things always happen in threes?

What could the third sane decision about laws in the city?

5 thoughts on “So out of touch it’s beyond belief

  1. Princess Savvy Bear says:

    Food truck vendors?

    • jmstewart says:

      Restaurant foods tastes as good as truck food! Whats with the food trucks?

      • The Savvybear says:

        i want food vendors. it might bring good things to downtown worcester. Panhandling though, needs to be shut down. I know some of these panhandlers, through my time as a homeless person, and some of them are NOT “homeless” they just don’t have enough money after rent and utilities for smokes, booze, and whatever else they can’t get on food stamps.

  2. Joe says:

    I know you’re a big Moylan fan, but I can’t believe that he has wasted so much tim fighting a rule that everyone else has to follow.

  3. Joe says:

    Time, not tim…

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