You Can Say No!

As Mike noted, the outreach worker began talking to panhandlers yesterday, but we haven’t yet heard about what the public education campaign would entail.

It’s unclear to me why adults need to re-learn a word that most two-year-olds say multiple times a minute, but the city of Worcester seems to have a collective block on a simple, two-letter word.

We obviously need a city-wide campaign to teach people to say no.

But why stop at just teaching people to say no to panhandlers?

There are so many other situations where people are desperate to find a word that indicates their negative feelings towards a proposition.

I’d like to humbly recommend the following slogans to go along with whatever the city comes up with:

If the server at McDonald’s asks if you’d like fries with that…you can say no!

If your wife asks if this outfit makes her look fat…you can say no!

If a kid who bullied you all through high school wants to be your Facebook friend…you can say no!

If the cashier at the supermarket asks if you’d like to donate a dollar to a charity to write your name on a shamrock…you can say no!

If your mother asks you to clean your room…you can say no!

If you’re at BJ’s and a lady in an apron asks if you’d like to try a cocktail weiner…you can say no!

No…it’s for so much more than just telling panhandlers to buzz off!