CWW: Aldrich Astronomical Society Starfest – July 28

The Aldrich Astronomical Society, Inc. would like to welcome the public to our annual free Starfest 2012 star party to be held on the campus of Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts on Saturday, July 28, 2012 from 6 PM to 10 PM in Foundress Hall. The Aldrich Astronomical Society, Inc. and One Giant Leap will offer some amazing talks, door prizes and raffles as we celebrate the upcoming landing of the nuclear powered Curiosity rover on Mars!

Aldrich will offer engaging presentations in Zecco Theater by speakers who will talk about the future of US Human Spaceflight and the landing of Curiosity at Gale Crater on Mars. Because this presentation will likely draw many interested people, we would encourage the public to help us plan ahead by confirming that they plan to attend Starfest 2012 by logging onto the Aldrich website and letting us know you plan to attend and how many would be in your party.

Outdoor Activities:

  • Solar Observing!
  • Walks through the Solar System!
  • Mentos Geysers!
  • Bottle Rocket Launches!
  • Night Observing!

Indoor Activities:

  • Zecco Theater Speakers!
  • Mission Patch & Meteorite Displays!
  • Updates about Exoplanets!
  • Bryan McKay with his Space Memorabilia!
  • Becky Cross autographs her book about the Space Shuttle!
  • Chances for Free Door Prizes for everyone!

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