Go giraffes, go!

Giraffes are no longer required to stop at the intersection of Webster Street and Hope Avenue:

Regular readers may recall that for several weeks there was a stop sign mounted 11 feet high on that pole above the street name sign (which is mounted at 7 feet).  Whether the stop sign was taken down due to a flash of belated common sense, a twinge of embarrassment or a dash of both, here’s hoping that any future signs will be mounted where drivers can actually see them.

It’s not clear whether the powers-that-be still expect right-turning vehicles to stop there sans giraffe-sign, or should we revert to the unmarked & unofficial quasi-yield/right-turn maneuver that prevailed at that intersection for so many years?


One thought on “Go giraffes, go!

  1. Scott says:

    As noted previously,this intersection is soon (relatively) to become a roundabout. The triangular wooden stake visible in this photo (but not in your previous shot) is one of many to guide the construction crews in their task. I can say this with certainty because I’m the surveyor that put them there.

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