CWW: Free Shakespeare in Royalston

A bit far, but I dare you not to love this:

The Tempest – in two acts

July 6th, 2012 at 7 PM

Town Hall, Royalston

Here is our recipe for summer Shakespeare

Royalston Shakespeare Summer Play


  • 25 – 40 youth, ages 7- 16 years, from Royalston and surrounding towns
  • 2 new co-directors*
  • 3 assistant directors
  • one Town Hall
  • some very old lights
  • some very inexpensive sets
  • costumes from Salvation Army
  • loads of support from the people of Royalston, especially the friends of the Library and Kathy Morris, Librarian
  • enthusiasm and dedication of the youth
  • enthusiasm and dedication of the directors

mix with one reduced but not diluted script by Willy Shakespeare


  • Get to know one another by playing theater games.
  • Then learn the story of the play through improv of key scenes.
  • Cast all comers who want them in speaking roles
  • Rewrite script as necessary
  • Rehearse, rehearse,rehearse.
  • Build and paint and practice.
  • Devise, beg , borrow and steal properties, costumes and whatever is needed.
  • Bake in extremes of summer heat

and 10 days later — perform a 1 – 1.5 hour play for community, family and friends.

* volunteer directors: Noah Dawson – Director Yasmine Seghir – Director
Beth Gospodarek – co director and producer
Caleb Chase – Designer
Gibson LaRoche – Designer
Norah Dooley – assistant


2 thoughts on “CWW: Free Shakespeare in Royalston

  1. wild rover says:

    Play wAS great. Did u know ther r 2 townhalls

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