Highlights from May’s Keep Worcester Clean Meeting

Obviously, I live for these meeting minutes, and so do you.

Here are the highlights from the May meeting:

page 5:
“PD – Stan said they arrested 2 kids on Harding St for spray painting cars. They are also monitoring for aggressive pan-handling. Rob said that someone is removing sewer grates at Green Hill Park.”
[emphasis added]

“Illegal Dumping – B. Fiore said DEP showed them how to use the surveillance equipment. Jim said we have 4 new cameras that are being used around the city.”

page 4:
Downtown The Commissioner said he’s seen pit bulls on the common and knows dogs aren’t allowed in that area. The downtown assoc wants to put No Dogs Allowed signs up but we’re not sure if that would do any good if it’s not enforced. Stan said PD doesn’t have a dedicated foot beat officer downtown, but if there’s a problem or issue they’d need to be deployed. Joyce and Rob are working on a pamphlet that spells out the rules and regs for dog owners but it hasn’t been finalized. The Commissioner asked if the Animal Control Officer could dedicate a week or even 1 day per month. Amanda said that the city ordinance states that dogs are now [sic; I suspect this should be “not”] allowed downtown even though dogs are allowed at 50 Franklin St. Rob said that the completed dog brochure will be mailed to all registered dog owners and No Dogs Allowed replacement signs are going up at every entrance to the common.”

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