Commuter Rail Surcharges and Ticketing

I recently noted that the ticketing machines in Union Station had gone unrepaired for some time; these were repaired (finally) late last week.

I also had a question from a reader about the new (for July 1) onboard surcharge, and whether you would be charged $3.00 or $6.00 for purchasing a round-trip ticket on the train.

I asked MBCR customer service to confirm.  If you are purchasing a round-trip ticket onboard, your fare would be increased by one $3.00 charge only.

2 thoughts on “Commuter Rail Surcharges and Ticketing

  1. wild rover says:

    policy was reversed 2 day

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks — more information from

      MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said the T will instead add the $3 charge, starting Sunday, only when riders buy tickets on board trains after getting on at stations where they can be conveniently purchased. That more closely mirrors the existing policy of tacking on a surcharge ($1 off-peak, $2 peak) for failing to buy tickets before boarding at stations where they are available.

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