Signage for giraffes

The relatively new stop sign installed at Webster St. and Hope Avenue is nearly invisible to those of us driving smallish sedans — the top of my windshield is about 40 inches off the ground, while this sign is mounted 11 feet (132 inches) off the ground:

Worcester has a notorious aversion to following the MUTCD regulations & guidelines about signage, but for those who are curious, the MUTCD recommends that signs like these be mounted between 5 feet & 7 feet off the ground, depending on whether it’s in a rural area or business/residential.  By those standards, an ideal place to mount that stop sign might have been just below the Hope Avenue street name sign.

That Hope Avenue sign, by the way, is about 7 feet off the ground. A good height, but the way the blade is turned makes it almost invisible to those coming to the intersection from Auburn.

2 thoughts on “Signage for giraffes

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Nicole,

    Maybe they are worried about really, really tall pedestrians?
    Nice MUTCD reference, btw.
    Sorry I didn’t get back to you about the retroreflectivity ruling. I am still studying it. I don’t think recent signs will have to be replaced again. Only at the end of their useful service life, but I have to dive more deeply into all the requirements and changes.
    Love the font photos.

  2. Scott says:

    That intersection is being converted to a roundabout this summer. I guess that means that YIELD signs will be posted 10 feet high instead of stop signs.

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