BREAKING: Haters gonna hate

Looks like someone found out that George Russell is awesome and everyone knows it.  And she’s found the perfect outlet for unfounded allegations that George Russell only asked about the Research Bureau because Roberta Schaefer is a woman.

Obviously there is a huge glass ceiling in this city.  Here’s how I know:

This isn’t to say that there are no issues, or that things are completely equitable.

But to publicly support Scott “No Equal Pay for Equal Work” Brown while insinuating that George Russell is sexist because he dared ask a question boggles the mind.

“Back off, she’s a girl” is NOT a feminist standpoint.

“Don’t ask her any tough questions; she’s got a vagina” is NOT a feminist standpoint.

Lukes states that “Women are an easy target if they don’t get along to go along,” but the height of “getting along to go along” is listening to comments from the Research Bureau without investigating (and questioning) its perspective.

If anything, Councilor Lukes’ condescending comments were “meant to produce a chilling atmosphere to prevent any more … conversation.”

If anything,George Russell was “vilified for speaking out.”

Keep on asking those tough questions, George.  You’re asking what the rest of us have been wondering for a long time.

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