Belated CWW: TouchTomorrow at WPI on Saturday

I’d forgotten to put this on my calendar, so I was very glad when the T&G had a story about TouchTomorrow.

From the website:

TouchTomorrow will be held Saturday, June 16, from 10AM to 5PM throughout the WPI campus. The activities and exhibits are designed to be enjoyed by all ages, with an emphasis on  inspiring children to see how thrilling and fun science and technology can be. Admission is free; food and drink will be available.

 A sampling of TouchTomorrow’s outdoor and indoor exhibits and activities:

  • Meet Robonaut 2, the first humanoid robot to visit space
  • Take your photo in a NASA spacesuit
  • Trek across the lunar surface with NASA’s Lunar Quest
  • Explore Magic Planet, and visit the moon, other planets, and the far reaches of space
  • Bounce bubbles
  • Investigate the life-cycle of a star
  • “Kinect” with a NASA virtual robot
  • Take the paper airplane design challenge
  • Visit the virtual space station
  • Command the NASA Marcbot, and visit the Inflatable Space Rover
  • Watch out for our robot tour guide

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