Same Time Next Year

I had plans to write a post about City Council evaluations of the City Manager, but I realized that I already wrote what I wanted to write at the same time last year.

So, feel free to read that post, and the CM’s self-evaluation, and pay attention this evening to whether the City Council evaluates the City Manager in the agreed-upon categories, or upon something else entirely.

2 thoughts on “Same Time Next Year

  1. Tracy Novick says:

    There were several councilors who commented that they didn’t like how the manager is evaluated (in terms of process). I thought this a little odd, as they (within the parameters of the charter and open meeting law) decide how they evaluate the manager. It’s their process; they can change it if they like by amending their rules (and possibly his contract).

    • Nicole says:

      My thought exactly. I don’t think they’ve always had this process — so why not take the time that would be used saying “I hate this process” and just focus on doing something better?

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